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Tue, Oct 3rd 2017

Five benefits of Cruise Control Kits

Cruise control is an incredibly useful function to have on your vehicle, whether it’s a car or a motorhome. Cruise control is defined by the ability to automatically control your vehicle’s speed to keep it driving at a consistent speed.

While some vehicles already include cruise control as an in-built feature, others can easily be modified to have it by using an aftermarket cruise control kit, just of the sort that we are delighted to offer our customers here at Conrad Anderson.

There are many reasons why installing a cruise control kit in your car can have a great impact on your driving experience. But what sort of benefits do these kits? Here are just five of the advantages that you will get from installing a cruise control kit in your car.

Easy to use and install

You might be worried that installing cruise control in your vehicle is a fiddly process. All our cruise control kits can easily be installed aftermarket in the form of a stalk mounted to your car’s steering column. Located conveniently near to your steering wheel, cruise control kits are easy to use by hand without having to divert your eyes from the road.

Reduced fatigue

When you’re driving long distances in the dark it can gradually get exhausting to pay attention to both the road and the dashboard. By switching on cruise control, you suddenly won’t need to worry about putting your foot down on the pedal, making it ideal for relieving the ache during those long late night journeys.

Greater comfort

Not only does having cruise control in your vehicle reduce fatigue, but it also helps you get greater enjoyment of your journey. Flicking on cruise control will allow you to appreciate your drive, allowing you to keep your eyes solely on the road while paying more attention to music or conversations with family.

Greater fuel efficiency

As you would expect, one of the greatest benefits of installing aftermarket cruise control in your vehicle will be on your pocket. As the cruise control function will keep your speed under wraps, it will help reduce the amount of fuel your car uses per journey. With one of these kits in your vehicle, you’ll be able to get more bang for your buck.

Reduces speeding

Sometimes going over the speed limit can be too easy if you’re not paying full attention to the speedometer. By using cruise control your car will continue to travel smoothly at the speed that has been pre-set, leaving you with absolutely no worries about accidentally going over the speed limit and facing a nasty fine or points on your driving licence.

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Here at Conrad Anderson we are the only UK supplier for John Gold cruise control systems which are suitable for use on almost any vehicle. We can also offer speed limiters and Steinbauer performance enhancing modules. For more information, why not contact us here today? We’d be delighted to be of service.

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