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Fri, Sep 26th 2014

Its not everyday you get see an American school bus driving down the streets of the UK let alone the streets of Birmingham, last week we had the pleasure of working on such an iconic and historic vehicle. Our job requirements for this particular vehicle where to provide the vehicle with a power supply and air conditioning system. The vehicle had been prepped and pampered for conversion as an exhibition vehicle in which visitors to the vehicle would be in comfort whilst on board, visitors would be entering a vehicle normally suited for american roads but with conversion transforming it into quite a bespoke vehicle which is ideal for exhibition industry.

Products installed

  • Dometic Tech 30D (Diesel)
  • Dometic Freshjet 2200
  • Dometic Fridge CR140Dometic Fridge CR140

Air conditioning installation
Prior to the air conditioning unit being installed a plan had to be put in place to work around the vehicles emergency hatch on the the roof. This was removed during installation and converted. The seal on the Dometic Freshjet 2200 is originally made to be installed on a roof with a flat surface, due to the american school buses roof been curved; our engineers had to fabricate a base plate to take into consideration the curve of the vehicles roof to ensure a good seal.

To do this a profiled frame was made to follow the contour of the roof hatch, this was then fitted securely with the use of screws and sealant. and the Freshjtet 2200 fitted to a high standard to host the fabricated bracket. 


 Dometic 30D Generator Installation
The Dometic 30 D (Diesel) was fitted to power the multiple items on the vehicle, the generators high quality output with inverter technology capable of powering multiple items at any given time.The 30D has been especially designed for large motorhomes and commercial vehicles with prevention of over and under-loading of connected electrical devices. 

The Dometic 30D was fitted underneath the vehicle which saves space and is normally intended for installation outside the vehicle where appropriate. For installation purposes and usability their was an inline connection to the vehicles diesel tank to enable fuel supply to the generator. A relay connection was also required to select automatically between shore 230v supply and the generators 230v power supply. 

Prior to the installation of the Dometic generator, 2 brackets where fabricated to host the unit, the vehicles chassis was taken into consideration to maintain the quality and integrity of the structure whilst using the existing holes when possible to maintain a professional installation.


  • 12 V output for battery charging with electronic regulator, power 10 A
  • Remote control board with illuminated display
  • Stainless steel front door
  • 2900 w suitable for supplying all portable devices
Dometic 40d generator exhaust

Dometic CR140 Refrigerator 
The Dometic CR140 compressor refrigerator was installed to the rear of the vehicle, fitted neatly into an existing side unit inside the vehicle. The Dometic Coolmatic range are great refrigerators offering large capacity along with its stylish stainless steel exterior and sleek interior, this model surely suits its surroundings perfectly. Its dual functionality offers refrigeration and deep freezing down to -18with minimal consumption regardless of the outside temperature.



  • Recessed door grips
  • Separately insulated freezer compartment 
  • Five models each with capacities from 48 to 136 litres and enhanced equipment: bottle holder, functionality storage trays. 
  • High performance cooling technology fully hermetic compressor 
  • Door lock with with dual function (locking / ventilation)

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