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Fri, Jul 12th 2013

E&P Hydraulics


The E&P hydraulic Levelling system offers fully automatic levelling at the touch of a button, this system is an ideal product for your vehicle and is available for caravans and motorhomes. E&P offers the perfect solution to be able to place your vehicle in a stable and level system fully automatically.  

The VB Air Suspension system offers both a fully automatic and manually adjusted system. VB Air Suspension can add a multitude of benefits to your vehicle, depending on your vehicle chassis and how much load it can carry on a regular basis. VB Suspension comes in three types VB Full air, VB Semi air and Coilsprings.

E&P Hydraulics Update

E&P Hydraulics have recently launched a new addition to their already pioneering telescopic jack system, this inclusion is in the form of a much longer telescopic jack for front end heavy motorhomes, this inclusion is a much needed solution for levelling vehicles with low height chassis i.e (Fiat X250 Ducato). This recent development to the telescopic system is aimed at ensuring your vehicle can be swiftly and effectively levelled on any type of pitch without encountering problems. (For use with motorhomes only)

VB Suspension Update

Conrad Anderson is pleased and proud to announce that VB-Airsuspension can now call themselves a "PremiumPartner" of Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge. Following an assessment of VB's processes and skills by Volkswagen AG within the framework of a company audit, the long-standing partnership they enjoy with Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge has resulted in their inclusion into the exclusive group of PremiumPartners.

As a fully approved VB dealer, Conrad Anderson can supply and install VB equipment to your VW van.  Volkswagen will not quibble about anything if there are any warranty issues on the vehicle.

E&P Hydraulic Levelling

VB Air Suspension

  • Available for the caravans and motorhomes

  • Hydraulic system with power up and power down

  • Effortlessly straight at the push of a button

  • Fully automatic level adjustment

  • Sturdy and vibration-free position

  • Good price-performance ratio
    Additional theft protection

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Oil intergrated directly into pump

  • Automatic & Manual systems

  • Constant ride height

  • Improved Handling

  • Improved Comfort

  • Reduce Vehicle Roll

  • Ideal for heavily laden, high mileage vehicles, motability motorhomes and vehicles which transport expensive equipment.


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