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Fri, Aug 9th 2013

The Dometic GC100 (Gas Level Checker) is a new product which has been launched with customer safety in mind. The GC100 enables the customer to effectively calculate the level of gas remaining in their gas bottle on board their vehicle. Weighing just 25g the GC100 is a lightweight tool which is small enough to be used in any capacity. The practical device lets you know in just seconds how much gas you have remaining, with the use of a built in gas indicator this makes this process a lot simpler. 

Dometic GC100


The Dometic GasChecker GC100 has won Best Accessory Award in Practical Motorhome Magazine's 2013 Motorhome of the Year Awards.

This product is ideal for camping, boating and recreational use.

  • Tested for explosion protection
  • Reliable measurements using ultrasound
  • Suitable for all steel and aluminium bottles with a diameter of 200-350mm
What it cannot be used on
Plastic bottles, user-refillable bottles (because internal components can deflect the measurement signal), bottles smaller than 200mm or greater than 350mm diameter.


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To see just how easy the pen is to use, download the user guide here: 

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