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Wed, Dec 17th 2014

AL-KO chassis offer a range of benefits for manufacturers and the end user, the flexibility of the chassis gives manufacturers a unique platform to build upon, allowing a full range of new additions to be added to the vehicle such as, Air Suspension (SemiAir, Full Air) tow bar and Power system solutions. The lightweight chassis structure is up to 145kg lighter than the original manufacturer chassis, this reduction in weight ensures increased payloads are achievable.



  • Increased payload 
    An AL-KO lightweight chassis saves additional weight in comparison to the original vehicle chassis and ensures that larger payloads can be achieved.
  • Improved road handling & cornering
    The height of the AL-KO chassis has been reduced to achieve a lower centre of gravity. This improves stability, road holding and cornering performance. The space in your motorhome conversion may also be increased due to the low frame design of an AL-KO chassis. 
  • Corrosion protection 
    The AL-KO chassis has a hot dip galvanised finish to improve durability and ensure extended service life.
  • Driving comfort
    The AL-KO  axle design in comparison to the X250 chassis provides balanced weight distribution and ensures superior safety and comfort.A further improvement to  the AL-KO chassis is to have a VB Air suspension system installed which can improve your overall driver comfort and road handling  and also other benefits:
  • Level off centre loads -Automatic
    2 independently controlled air bags which can be manually or automatically controlled depending on which air suspension system.
  • Constant ride height
    The ride height is automatically adjusted regardless of  the vehicle weight (within payload limit)
  • Improved comfort
    The air suspension system provides a damping effect which will reduce vehicle vibration and vehicle roll.

The overall inclusion of the VB Air Suspension system is  ideal for consistently heavily laden vehicle or a vehicle which is driven fully loaded  and unloaded on a regular basis. 

Please note: for vehicles which are consistently heavily laden on a regular basis we recommend the VB FullAir system which automatically sets your vehicle ride height to suit you.


VB Air Suspension is the best factory fitted option for upgrading your vehicles suspension system.We currently offer 2 systems which are FullAir & SemiAir suspension.


Which chassis type do I have ?
There are various  chassis types available, you are able to identify your chassis type by locating your vehicles vin number plate. Your Vin number plate should then show the vehicles chassis type, axle type and the maximum axle load. ; another way of identifying your chassis is by viewing the rear of your vehicle , normally if you have leaf springs on the rear; you will effectively have an AL-KO chassis.

Identifying your AL-KO chassis type ?
There are various types of AL-KO chassis available for motorhomes, the chassis type, axle type and maximum axle load which can be found on the vehicles vin number plate. It is also important to establish if you have a normal or wide axle.


Please view below for illustrations of the two types of axles.


                     Normal Axle=103 - 113 mm                                    Wide Axle=143 - 153 mm   




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