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Fri, Mar 1st 2013

Meet Rex Hilson's Autotrail Mohican.

Autotrail Mohican with decorated Oyster dish

Not content with having a standard looking Oyster Satellite dish, Rex decided to make it more in keeping with the Motorhome's namesake.

The picture on the dish is actually a decal made by a local printing company, Sign Rite in Basingstoke.  Rex ingeniously took a photograph of his mohican statuette in front of a landscape painting that he had on his wall at home.

Close up on Autotrail mohican dish

The printing company then created the decal from the photograph and applied it to the dish.  Its amazing what printing companies can do these days...

We got talking to Mr Hilson at last week's NEC Spring Caravan show.  He was upgrading his Oyster Vision 1 box to Oyster Vision 2, taking advantage of the special offer we have available.  The conversation moved on to his motorhome and he showed us a photo of this amazing dish.  We'll be seeing The Hilson's soon when they come to get their Oyster upgraded to a twin LNB.

We'd like to see more decorated satellite dishes, lets face it, a plain grey dish is a bit boring! We have heard about a Tracvision R4 that was made to look like a gun turret on a tank.  Love to see pictures of that, send us one if you have any!

The only thing you need to be careful of when decorating your dish is that the LNB is not interfered with.  On a clamshell dish like an Oyster this is straightforward, its the dome systems that need more care as the lnb is under the dome lid.  We have had dome lids spray painted by a body shop before,  as long as the paint is applied thinly there is no interference.

With this decorating theme in mind, have a look at the following photos that have been gleaned from the internet.  Send us pictures of fancy dishes you've seen on campsites or if you have been creative with your dish!

Mexican Satellite dishes Montana Satellite dish

Apartments with satellite dishes  Marilyn Monroe Satellite Dish

Dancers Satellite dish  Narrowboat decorated Satellite dish

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