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Mon, Jan 16th 2017

Are you embarking on a long journey? Do you do a lot of driving, maybe on the motorway? Perhaps you enjoy driving and are looking forward to hitting the road. Even the most enthusiastic driver has to admit that extended trips can cause weariness and sometime lapses in concentration. Why not seriously think about fitting a cruise control system to your vehicle? There are many benefits that come from this technology and you could really enhance your driving experience. Conrad Anderson are electrical goods and mobile electronic experts and our 18 years of experience means that we can help you choose an unbeatable cruise control system.

Fantastic Cruise Control Kits

What cruise control kits can we offer you? Our systems are compatible with almost any vehicle. How’s that for versatility? We believe that our cruise control systems are unbeatable and can transform your view of driving. Let’s assume that you’ve decide to install one of our systems in your vehicle - how do you know where to start? It could not be easier selecting the right cruise control system for your car etc. On the cruise control page on our website, click on your make of car and then select the appropriate model. You will be directed to the exact cruise control system that’s compatible with your vehicle. It couldn’t be easier. We offer you the option of an installation service at a very competitive price. Why not have a go and see just how easy it is?

Benefits of Cruise Control Systems

How do your legs and feet feel after a long, arduous journey? More than likely, they will feel stiff and uncomfortable from sitting in the same position and operating the accelerator in a fixed positon. Cruise control systems allow you to sit back and take the pressure off your right leg and concentrate on your steering. With our cruise control system, you are unlikely to receive a speeding ticket through accidentally exceeding the speed limit. It’s the easiest thing in the world to break the speed limit, especially with modern-day engines. What about improved fuel efficiency? By keeping a consistent speed mile after mile by using your cruise control, you could improve your fuel consumption and thereby save money. These are just a few examples of how cruise control could make your driving more enjoyable.

How Does It Work?

The cruise control system is linked to a cable which pulls down the throttle quadrant or accelerator pedal. You still have to have overall control by using the brakes effectively to override the cruise control unit. We recommend that our systems are fitted by ourselves or by a competent technician or installer. It’s possible that your vehicle may require a speed pulse generator, if it doesn’t already have one. When you consider the cost of installing one of our cruise control systems, the benefits can easily outweigh any outlay.

Why not contact us on our website today? You can also phone us now on +44 (0)121 247 0619 to ask us any question – we look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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