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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Conrad Anderson can install cruise control onto 99% of road vehicles, using the actuator, command module and accessory options. To make it easier to decide which cruise control is fitted to which vehicle, we have some very simple rules to follow.

Which Actuator do I need?

Most modern vehicles can be fitted with the GC90, a fully electronic system which interfaces with the throttle pedal via a T-Harness. Most vehicles have specific T-Harnesses which plug into the pedal, others require a universal T-Harnesses which are soldered directly onto the vehicle's pedal wiring loom. It is recommended that universal T-Harness systems are installed by Conrad Anderson or one of the Conrad Anderson Cruise Control Dealer Network. Use the Vehicle Specific Cruise Control Wizard to purchase the right cruise control for your vehicle.

The GC30 and GC55 Actuators are electro-mechanical systems which act on either the throttle cable connection in the engine or, for Drive-By-Wire vehicles, on the throttle pedal. These are available for use on many vehicles however, they are generally used on older vehicles or as a backup if there is no GC90 option available.

The GC30 is a vacuum actuator which connects onto the main brake servo pipe. These are good for many 4x4's and vans which have plenty of space around the throttle pedal or throttle quadrant on the engine. The GC55 is an electric actuator which is supplied with different pulley sizes, changing the required throttle stroke - ideal for installations with limited space or for vehicles with more powerful engines. Petrol engines below 1.6l will require the GC55 however if you tow a trailer or caravan that threshold should be more like 2l.

Speed Signal or VSS

This is an electrical signal which the cruise control uses to find out the vehicle's road speed. Different vehicles produce pulses of varying frequencies, the cruise control is calibrated so that the speed pulse consistently represents the vehicle road speed and adjusts the throttle up or down depending on the terrain.

Most vehicles have an in-built speed signal, Some vehicles require a CANBUS interface box to decode the speed signal however, most vehicles although they utilise the CANBUS system also have an analogue speed pulse which can be used. If not or for older vehicles a speed pulse generator or magnets can be used.

Command Modules

Conrad Anderson supply a wide range of command modules to cater for many makes and models of vehicle.

Stalk command modules - GC3, GC4, GC5 - The majority of new vehicles can have these fitted, they are very practical to use being within fingers reach of the steering wheel and are very in-keeping with modern vehicle interiors. Some vehicles don't have enough space around the steering wheel to fit another stalk so there are other options.

Wireless steering wheel mounted command module - CM22 - It consists of wireless radio frequency connection featuring an on/off switch on the dashboard, along with the main module which connects to the steering wheel using a strap. Ideal for vehicles lacking room on the dashboard or on the steering column.

Dash mounted command module - GC1 - a three button pad which sits on a flat part of the dashboard. With modern vehicles mainly having curved, busy dashboards it is a good option for use on older vehicles with lots of flat space available.

Peugeot Citroen OEM Stalk Command Module - CMPCIT – the OEM stalk as seen in the factory fitted Peugeot and Citroen cars. This is adapted to work with our cruise controls and can only be fitted to Peugeot and Citroen cars with the reciprocal fitting on the steering column. On the left of the steering column just behind the steering wheel some vehicles will have a removable blanking plate, while others will have a flat section that will need to be cut out. The fitting to receive the module is underneath the plastic cowl.

Memory module - CM8 - an accessory which can be added to any of the above actuators and command modules. A dash-mounted pad with 3 preset speed memories. The GC90 can be programmed to accept a range of OEM command modules, this has been done on Hyundai and Kia vehicles (amongst others).

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