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Mon, Nov 14th 2016

Fantastic Cruise Control and Air Suspension Systems toUpgrade Your 4x4

Have 4x4s ever been more popular? These all-terrain vehicles are extremely sophisticated and are equipped with all your driver comforts. Why not upgrade your four-wheel drive to include cruise control and an air suspension system? This would transform your vehicle into the ultimate ride. Conrad Anderson are mobile electronic and electrical goods specialists, with over 18 years of industry expertise – we have everything that you could possibly need to enjoy the ultimate driving experience. What are the benefits of fitting cruise control and an air suspension system to your 4x4?

Air Suspension System

You may feel that you already enjoy a comfortable ride in your 4x4 and that may be true. But could you imagine feeling that you’re virtually gliding on air? That’s what high-quality air suspension systems can offer you. Our VB SemiAir systems can considerably improve your driving sensation and so much more. If you carry heavy loads, this system offers advanced overall stability and returns the ride height to its optimum level. This also means that there is less wear and tear on your suspension system and therefore, they will last longer. If you prefer to fit the air suspension system yourself, you have the option to do so. We can fit it for you as part of our premier service, which gives you peace of mind. You’ll find that our prices are very competitive and that our customer service is excellent.

Cruise Control

Why would you choose to install cruise control? There are at least three benefits. Firstly, you could experience an improved fuel efficiency. Almost everyone speeds up and slows down subconsciously – it’s virtually impossible to maintain a consistent speed on the motorway. Everyone wants to save money and maintaining an efficient, constant speed on longer journeys consumes less fuel. How else can cruise control benefit you? Increased control reduces the likelihood of incurring speeding fines. Your 4x4 has a powerful engine and it’s the easiest thing in the world to creep over the speed limit. The cruise control feature is perfect for keeping within the highway code limit and contributes to a more carefree ride. Lastly, this driving control system allows you to experience more comfort over an extended journey. Having you foot on the accelerator for mile after mile can be exhausting and uncomfortable. Cruise control lets you change your sitting position and means that you can concentrate solely on safely steering your 4x4 towards your destination.

The Ultimate Driving Experience

Your newly customised 4x4 will give you the ultimate driving experience. Our VB SemiAir systems will give you a more comfortable, balanced ride, with an increased driving stability. Sit back and enjoy your clever cruise control, which leaves you free to focus on your steering skills. All this for a very affordable price and with the option of a superb installation service.

If you require any other information, or you have any questions to ask us about our services or products, you can contact us on our website today. 

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