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Mon, Aug 18th 2008

>Conrad Anderson are pleased to announce the new Conrad Anderson Tracker System - CATS.Full European Tracking.

Thatcham TQA029 for the non GPS system or the pro Thatcham TQA030 - with GPS. The hardware used by mtrack is already underwritten by Towergate Bakers.


GSM and RF - Uses both GSM and RF signals to track assets. Better Detection - Can detect and locate undercover where other GPS units fail, such as car parks, garages etc.No wires for thieves to cut - CATS is battery powered and can be located anywhere on the vehicle, unlike other leading brands which are hardwired. Resilient - Can withstand extreme external forces and temperatures and is even waterproof - IP 67 rated.Compact - Small and lightweight.Hassle Free - Self powered for up to 4 years with little or no installation required. Transferable - Fully portable solution that can be moved from asset to asset.

mtrack is a revolutionary tracking and recovery product, enabling tracking and recovery of vehicles and assets throughout the country using a combination of GSM and RF technology.

mtrack is self powered needing no installation which makes it totally portable, with a battery that lasts up to 4 years. Unlike conventional tracking devices it does not need an external antenna or to be mounted where it can see passing satellites, as is the case with conventional GPS based systems. In short, mtrack can be installed covertly into virtually any asset that you own and wish to protect.

You will notice you don’t see any pictures of mtrack. We think its better that way.......shh keep it to yourself

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