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Wed, Nov 12th 2014

Conrad Anderson were rubbing shoulders with the fleet glitterati at last week’s GreenFleet Awards. Having been proudly shortlisted for the Industry Innovation Award, alongside household names such as Nissan and RAC Business we were very excited to be in the same category with such prestigious brands. Nathan and Naomi Onions went as the company representatives in their finery along with Mark Rinsma from John Gold International.

 Naomi and Nathan Onions Green fleet industry innovation awards

The awards night was held on 30th October at Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire, presented by former Top Gear presenter Quentin Wilson. 

 Champagne winners Green Fleet awards

Although we didn’t win our category we did receive a commendation certificate and won a bottle of champagne! We were very honoured to be recognised for our contribution to reducing fuel emissions, and to be amongst fellow green motoring companies at the prestigious event. View industry innovation shortlist

Industry Innovation awards booklet page

Our latest venture is expanding on our long history of supplying and installing cruise control with the newest product generation of GC90, the GC90MLCi Multi Limiter.  This simple but powerful aftermarket product gives the fleet manager the option to not only limit the speed of its drivers but also the RPM meaning no more thrashing through the gears at traffic lights.

Greenfleet advert Conrad Anderson Multilimiter

To round off the product it can also function as a cruise control giving the driver a more relaxed drive and reduced fatigue.  With fuel savings of up to 30% and reduced wear and tear on the vehicle, the case for adding a multi limiter is a convincing one.

We will be featured in next month's issue of GreenFleet magazine as they do a write up of the whole awards event.  We're looking forward to the doors the award commendation will open for us.

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