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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Charging technology in a class of its own
Perfection in every detail

Premium quality, long service life and an award-winning design ... nothing has been left to chance when it comes to the current generation of PerfectCharge battery chargers. They leave nothing to be desired – any on-board situation is easily mastered. Whether multi-stage charging characteristics, adjustable charging capacity, overcharge protection, battery conditioning / refreshing function, sleep mode function, IEC power point and ease of installation – these and many other details contribute to the high quality of the WAECO automatic chargers.

IEC socket
Output for temperature sensor
Output for remote control
DIP switches for configuring the charging characteristics
Battery + connections for simultaneous charging of up to 3 batteries
Battery – connection

A particularly well-designed detail including the main switch (ON / OFF / remote) and three LEDs to indicate the charging level, power output and input voltage range. The display is integrated in the unit at a 45° angle so that it can easily be checked from various positions.

DIP switches
Four DIP switches to select the optimum charging characteristics – this is where charging voltages and times can be configured for wet, gel and AGM batteries according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Conditioning / refreshing of “low” batteries is possible, too.

Cable Organiser
With cable guides ready at hand and all connections on one side, everything can be kept nice and neat. Sleep Mode
In sleep mode the charging capacity is cut by half and the ventilator is switched off. This allows for noiseless charging. The reduced power consumption ensures hassle-free operation at campsites with low circuit protection.
Clip-on mounts
Individually adjustable clip-on mounts permit adaptation to special installation requirements with perfect results. Additionally, each unit is supplied with a mounting plate, especially helpful for (vertical-) mounting the heavier units.

Two extras to make the assets of the PerfectCharge automatic battery charger complete: the remote control enhances operating comfort. The temperature sensor is recommended when charging operations have to be carried out in widely varying or extremely high or low ambient temperatures.

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