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Fri, Nov 9th 2012

In the last couple of weeks there have been some changes to Astra 28.2 (known as Astra 2 to most people!). The problem is down to the fact that a frequency from Astra 2A south (11.954 Horizontal) has been turned off and the channels relocated.

Oyster Satellite dish transponderIf your Oyster is taking a very long time to lock on to the satellite you will probably need to do an upgrade of the transponders. Unfortunately even if you have had a software upgrade fairly recently you may still need to make this change.

Oyster Sat Tech, the UK arm of Ten Haaft, are asking that customers call them and speak to Margaret or Sharon. These lovely ladies will talk you through how to make the changes. Phone them on: 01858 575 928.

In the meantime here is a quick fix: For Oyster Vision II (small four button control box) the fix is relatively simple.

As the unit searches you will need to press (and hold) the right hand arrow button. This will display the current frequency the system is searching for. If it is 11.954 press the left arrow three times (while still holding the right) and it will change to 12.051.

Let go of the arrow and then the system will lock on.

Anthony Read, Techncial Adviser from Oyster Sate Tech has posted a full explanation on Motorhome Facts here:  

Oyster Satellite foldingWe hope the process if fairly painless, if you're having trouble getting through to Margaret or Sharon, we recommend you use the quick fix. We are willing to help too, but will be using an allotted time slot 'telephone booking in' system.


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