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Mon, May 13th 2013

Now available exclusively from Conrad Anderson is the NEW Case mounted portable Satellite Broadband system.

Oyster Broadband internet case mounted  case mounted oyster broadband internet

Using the revolutionary Oyster Internet unit, this system will enable your business to receive high speed broadband internet whenever and wherever you are.

This system offers:

  • Low cost data
  • Case option cheaper than the competition
  • Fast deployment
  • Portable - no need for vehicle attachment
  • No need for special training - plug and play
  • High speed 10Mbps down / 256Kbps up throughout Western Europe.
  • Risk of damage to system reduced by bespoke case.
  • Ground mounted stand for safe secure mounting
  • Waterproof Pelicase, housing the electrical control systems etc.
  • 20 metres of cable gives flexibility on mounting sites.

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