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Tue, Dec 11th 2012

Can your car have cruise control?

The short answer is "yes, probably".  We always say that we can fit 99.99% of vehicles with cruise control, but how do we know whether we can or not?  For the long answer, keep reading!

The Open RoadThe open road

First of all we check our vehicle specific list to see if there is a fully electronic (GC90) base unit suitable.  This is also on our website here.  Secondly we check our database of vehicle speed signals to make sure that the car has a built in speed signal.   For most modern cars that's all we have to check, however there are exceptions.

If the vehicle doesn't appear on our list we can check our records to see what other people with the same vehicle have had fitted before.  If we've never installed cruise control on a vehicle like yours we look at things like the size of engine, transmission type, whether it runs on petrol or diesel and of course make, model and year of build.  There are other things we can do to check if cruise control will work such as measuring how much movement there is on the accelerator pedal and voltages on the switches.

If the vehicle doesn't have a built in speed signal we can install an add on to create a speed signal, either magnets, a speed pulse generator or in some cases a CANbus interpreter.

If there isn't a GC90 available for a vehicle, there are general rules of thumb to help us determine which kit we supply.  If its a large diesel engine we tend to fit a GC30 vacuum actuator, if a smaller petrol or high performance car we go for the GC55 electric actuator.  There are exceptions to those rules too though so having years of records to refer to helps no end!

What choices do I have?

The choice you get as a customer is to select the command module.  We have 3 stalks, a basic dashpad and for some Citroen & Peugeot models there is a OE stalk.


GC5 or CM25 cruise control stalkGC5 Stalk with 3 memories

Something that you can have with an aftermarket stalk that you don't get with a factory fitted stalk is the choice to have speeds preset to the memory buttons (on GC4 & GC5).  There is also the CM8, an add on memory module. The memory is stored in the same way as a radio preset, you hold down the button you want to store the speed at while driving at that speed.  When you hear a beep, the speed is stored, simple! (listen out for the meerkat squeak)

GC4 or CM35 cruise control stalk
GC4 Stalk with 2 memories

This is one of those options that some people love and other people aren't at all bothered about, you decide which camp you're in and let us know.  We think they are very handy when driving through areas where there are regular changes of speed limit and strategically placed speed cameras!

Where do I go to for installation?

We can do the install at our base in Birmingham, or we can point you towards one of our many friendly garages around the country or you can have the equipment supply only.    Call us today on 0800 279 0085 to make a booking.

There is a 2 year warranty on the equipment but we expect it to last you far far longer than that.  We have had courier drivers come back to us after using their cruise control for 250,000 miles only to need a cable replacing and they're off again.

Will it affect my vehicle warranty?

It shouldn't do, we regularly fit cruise control for main dealers and they have no problem with it.  The cruise control has its own ECU so doesn't interfere with the vehicle brain and there are all sorts of fail safes so there won't be any accidents caused by cruising.  There is of course the old story of someone putting their motorhome into cruise control and then going off to make coffee.... our advice is stay in the driving seat, and don't believe everything you hear!

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Bought the GC90c a few weeks ago to fit myself. Had a few problems but they were all dealt with in a very professional manner. Very easy to fit and wire and works well. A friendly, easy and helpful transaction from start to finish. Shane, Wrecsam.

Posted by S. Mulligan on 20/05/2015

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