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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

All car drivers dream of owning an "eternal battery", one that will never let them down. Their dream is reality now, thanks to the battery refresher. The super-compact appliance reduces sulphate build-up, which is so often the cause for premature failure of lead cell batteries. Even apparently useless batteries can be given a second life. The refresher can be permanently connected to the vehicle battery. It treats the battery to an invigorating training programme - fully automatically, while you are driving. When you switch the ignition off, the integrated voltage monitor deactivates the appliance.
Battery Refresher

A refreshing cure for your battery.
The battery refresher is suitable for all types of 12-volt or 24-volt lead batteries. Ideal for passenger cars, it can also be used on motorhomes and boats. Given the long periods of standstill, the batteries in those vehicles are particularly susceptible to sulphate build-up.

Sulphate build-up - the insidious poison in your battery. The premature failure of lead batteries is caused by a chemical process known as sulphate build-up. Lead sulphate tends to form crystal deposits on the battery plates. As a result, the effective plate surface decreases, and with it the battery's capacity and starting ability. A battery charger won't help in this situation. Given the reduced plate surface, the battery will be unable to take up sufficient power.
Battery Refresher
The battery refresher tackles the problem at the roots by reducing sulphate build-up. It supplies the battery with direct current impulses. As a result, the sulphate crystals start oscillating and decomposing; there's no chance for new crystals to form. The plate surface increases again. The battery's charging capacity is restored to the full.

Battery Conditioners - A flying start - every time

(also known as BC400)
The new Waeco PerfectBattery MBCC-400 keeps starter and consumer batteries in perfect trim. It's a very compact unit designed for fast and efficient full charging of batteries up to 50 Ah - and even higher, where "recharging only" is required.

The IUOU charging curve guarantees optimum charging of all lead batteries. Small and compact, the MBCC-400 is "just right" for permanent installation in motorhomes or boats. The unit has four fixing attachments for fast and easy fitting.

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