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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Waeco Perfect Battery MBCC-100 and MBCC-200 are inexpensive battery conditioners that maintain lead batteries from 10 to 150 Ah by gently simulating driving. As a result, the full capacity can be maintained even after months of standstill. Battery conditioners are ideal for summer vehicles such as soft-tops, motorcycles and mobility scooters - the MBCC-200 model was specifically designed for 6-volt batteries.

Waeco battery conditioners offer two useful extra functions. They serve as a battery charger for batteries between 10 and 30 Ah (motorcycles and mobility scooters). They can also be used as a back-up power supply unit. When a vehicle's starter battery has to be removed, the conditioners temporarily take over the power supply of the consumers. In this wasy, stored data - e.g. in car radios - can be retained.

Battery Conditioners - A flying start - every time

(also known as BC400)
The new Waeco PerfectBattery MBCC-400 keeps starter and consumer batteries in perfect trim. It's a very compact unit designed for fast and efficient full charging of batteries up to 50 Ah - and even higher, where "recharging only" is required.

The IUOU charging curve guarantees optimum charging of all lead batteries. Small and compact, the MBCC-400 is "just right" for permanent installation in motorhomes or boats. The unit has four fixing attachments for fast and easy fitting.

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