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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Battery Chargers - Always a full battery

Starter batteries and supply batteries are designed for different tasks. Starter batteries, in order to start the engine, must initially supply a high current level and will then serve as an energy buffer with partial cycles. Supply or consumer batteries, by contrast, are charged and discharged at lower current levels for longer periods of time, which means they are subjected to significantly higher loads. Correct charging is the key to success. With a complete range of IU and IUOU battery chargers, Waeco offers optimum charging technology for gel, AGM and Wet Lead/acid supply batteries.

In each case, the consumed battery capacity should be replaced by a battery charge. Even after longer journeys, with additional charge from the generator, the battery should immediately be connected to the power supply! Alternatively, you can use a PerfectCharge IU charging converter. These units guarantee optimal charging during the drive.

How powerful a battery charger has to be depends on the battery capacity. As a rule of thumb, the charging current of the battery charger should be at least 10% of the battery capacity.

IU Charging Characteristics

Battery chargers with IU curve - e.g. the PerfectCharge IU812 - offer reliable charging for lead or gel batteries even if there are fluctuations in the mains supply.

IU charging characteristics.
Charging is performed with a constant current I, on average higher than in WU chargers, until the gas development voltage of 2.4 V per cell is reached.

Then: constant voltage, falling current.
IU812 compact charger

IU Charging Characteristics

IU Chargers


To the benefit of your battery.
Fluctuating mains voltages often occur at campsites or in harbours, and sometimes prevent a full charge of the vehicle battery. You can avoid this by using the WAECO PerfectCharge IU812 battery charger.

Designed using the 'tried and tested' switch-mode technology, the charger has an input voltage range of 180 to 250 volts AC. This means: mains fluctuations can be completely compensated and have no effect on the charging performance.

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