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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

This innovative design of roll-out awning from Dometic has no poles or legs to suport the outer edge. The coated fabric has decoration on both surfaces and is claimed to be protected against degradation by UV radiation. It can be unrolled to the desired extent, and its angle of tilt is adjustable to either of two values. A range of lengths from 2.5m to 5m is available, and the colour of the housing can be chosen from white, silver, or anthracite (charcoal-grey). The standard model is manually operated.


The refined electric model is operated using a remote control governing extend, retract, stop and is pre-set a limit to the extension. As an alternative to, or in addition to a remote control, a wall-mounted switch can be installed. A wind sensor causes the awning to retract when there is a risk of damage. Additional sensors of rain and of sunshine deploy or furl the awning are further options.

Another optional component is the Shade View, whose purpose is to screen users from the low sun. This is a translucent, vinyl-coated rectangle of fabric that threads into the outer edge of the awning and pegs down into the ground.

As a guide to weight, a 3m awning weighs 28kg (about 60 pounds).

The Manual Premium awning costs from 670 and the Electric Premium from 1,095. Installation by a Dometic dealer is recommended.

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