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Thu, Jun 28th 2012

It seems to be supercar fortnight.

This week we have fitted an Aston Martin DB7 Zagato with Cruise control, brought to us again by Aston Martin Heritage cars.


Definitely NOT a self fit option, Sam spent 3 days tinkering with this beauty.  Using hand made throttle linkages and some ingenious wiring solutions, the fitting was executed and finessed with the Aston Martin manufacturing ethos in mind.

With only 2000 miles on the clock, the car has yet to spend much time on the road, but who are we to question the need for a cruise control? 

We were all looking forward to the road test and drawing straws to be the lucky one to do it.  When Sam came back from the test he looked 10 years younger, known as the Aston Martin facelift effect! 

Well the acceleration is 0 to 60 in 4.9 seconds...


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