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Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Most camper van owners know how quickly their vehicle heats up even at low sun intensity. In southern regions staying inside quickly becomes unbearable. Escaping or enduring the heat - not much of a relaxing alternative for the best days of the year. Thankfully, there is finally a way out: Dometic Air Conditiioners - the powerful camper air conditioner for even greater travelling pleasure. As temperatures soar outside, it maintains a comfortable climate inside the vehicle, while energy consumption remains very modest. Dometic Air Conditioners features and ground breaking technology have all the hallmarks of truly good Dometic design.

The many years of experience and the market leader's special expertise in the field of automotive air conditioning have notably added to the development of the air conditioning products.

High performance at all times.
A characteristic of the Dometic Air Conditioning systems is their extraordinary standard of performance - thanks to a high-performance evaporator and multiple fan speeds. The Dometic Air Conditioning units assure convenience and ease of use of operation with the multi-function remote control - adjust temperature, fan speed, heat/cool modes, fresh air mode, timer and inbuilt ambient lighting. The heating power of the system is fully adequate particularly for seasonal transitions or cool evenings. The air outlet vents can be adjusted for direction or closed entirely using a single adjuster.


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