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Thu, Sep 22nd 2016

5 Superb Custom-Fit Services for You

Would you like to upgrade and customise your vehicle, to the highest professional standard available? Conrad Anderson Ltd have nearly 20 years of specialist industry experience and can supply and fit a massive selection of products, to your vehicle. Here are 5 examples of what we can do for you:

1.     Caravans Upgrades

Caravans have never been more popular or enjoyable and they come in many different shapes and sizes. With our expertise, we can guarantee that you will have an even greater experience, upgrading your existing vehicle. Rather than change your vehicle, customising it is an extremely cost-effective option.

Can you picture yourself enjoying your favourite program, in a beautiful location, within your beloved caravan? We can provide and install a mobile satellite, to bring the outside world to you, right inside your caravan. Confined spaces can create a stifling atmosphere. You need never overheat again, with one of our bespoke air conditioning units. How can you quickly find level ground for your caravan? You will never need to worry about this problem again, if you take advantage of our automatic hydraulic levelling system. The stability offered by this technology is staggering.

2.    Coach and Truck Accessories

Many truck drivers virtually live in their cabin space and coach drivers have long shifts in confined spaces. Why not make your chosen career path more pleasurable, by taking advantage of one of our personal air conditioning systems? You will find that your driving experience will be enhanced and lifted to another level.

Never before has commercial vehicle security been more important. What if you could install a security camera system, that will equip you to see the inside and outside of your coach or truck? This is exactly the technology that we can offer you.

3.   Emergency Services Equipment

Do you work in the public emergency service sector? We have a range of different accessories, that will help you to be even more effective in your work. Due to the nature of your employment, you need a constant power source for things including, medical apparatus, lifesaving equipment and so on. We can supply and fit a generator to suit your individual needs. Power management tools, reversing cameras and satellite internet and TV systems, are also accessories that we can provide for you.

 4.   Disability Vehicles

Could you imagine yourself having the ability to effortlessly load and unload wheelchair users? What about the movement of heavy or bulky equipment? We can install our technically advanced, VB-FullAir Suspension System, to your disability vehicle. This accessory also guarantees a constant ride height, a levelling off centre loads, reduces vehicle roll and so much more. Our disabled vehicle camera system, assists you to park more easily and safely. Panoramic camera views eliminate blind spots, so that you can avoid bumping into other road users.

5.     Fork Lifts

Forklift drivers often complain about blind spots and poor visibility. This is partly why forklift incidents and accidents are not unusual. Why not consider fitting one of our camera systems, to increase the safety levels in your workplace? This cost-effective technology allows the operator to see the direct view, from the forks on their truck. This wireless design means that there is no health and safety concerns over tangled wires. We offer both a single or dual camera system.

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