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Tue, Jul 31st 2012

2012 Fiat Ducato Euro 5

This is the new 2012 Euro V Fiat Ducato (on a Timberland van conversion) fitted with the GC5 Cruise control.

If you are changing your motorhome for a new one and would like to move your cruise control there is a good chance that you can. 

You may need some replacement parts, what you will need depends on the original vehicle (and how neatly it's removed...). 

If you have the 2006 - 2011 Ducato there is very little that needs changing.  If you have an older one then you're likely to need a completely new system as chances are you have an electro-mechanical system and will need a fully electronic for the new van. It may however be more hassle than you want to bother with and just prefer to leave the original in and have a brand new Cruise control fitted. 

GC5 installed on Ducato 2012 Euro 5

You'll get a full 2 year warranty on the new system and the new owner of your old van will have a very handy bit of kit already installed. Have a look here at our vehicle specific page to see which system you need for your van or car. 

We can fit to more than 500 models of vehicle so there's a very good chance we can do it for you.  If your vehicle isn't listed, don't despair, call us on 0800 279 0085 and ask if we can do it.

We are also building our network of cruise control partners around the country so you don't just have to come to Birmingham for a professional installation. 

Call us on 0800 279 0085 now to find out where your nearest dealer is.  

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