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Blog Articles > Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


We will be closing for Christmas Thursday 22nd December 3.00pm and we will return to work Tuesday 3rd January 2012. If you have any problems whilst we are closed you can send us an email to and someone in our team will get in touch with you ... | More...

Blog Articles > Conrad Anderson Dometic Motorhome Centre Dealer of


I am delighted to announce that Conrad Anderson have earned the title of Dometic Motorhome Centre Dealer of the Year 2010. The award was contended on a range of criteria including website quality, ease of use and information available, customer service and sales volume over the year. The prize of a bottle ... | More...

Product Guides > Tropicool


Whether on the road, on a picnic or at home on the terrace, TropiCool coolers provide you with cool snacks and drinks.Mobility, safety and convenience are the hallmarks of the tried and tested series. High-tech thermoelectrics, enabling an outstanding cooling capacity up to 30°C below the ambient temperature, ... | More...

Blog Articles > CLA Game Fair 2010


> Conrad Anderson provided broadband for the CLA Game Fair 2010. Specialising in fully automatic satellite Internet systems for hassle free fast broadband, Conrad Anderson add a new string to the rural broadband bow by providing a mobile solution. The Astra2Connect ... | More...

LEAS Stabiliser - Caravan Club breakthrough!

Blog Articles > LEAS Stabiliser - Caravan Club breakthrough!


>After 2 years of hard work Conrad Anderson (along with some very persistent customers) have finally secured an Insurance premium discount when the LEAS Stabiliser is fitted to your caravan.The LEAS Stabiliser, available in the UK through Conrad Anderson or the MCEA (Mobile Caravan Engineers Association), is a ... | More...

Blog Articles > >See and Be Safe – Vehicle Cameras


>Camera systems are an ideal way to stay safe while manoeuvring vehicles. Although many applications, such as construction and quarry vehicles, require cameras to be used in order that safety standards are met; it makes good sense for cameras to be introduced to other vehicles in general usage. Aside from ... | More...

Blog Articles > >The technology of aftermarket cruise control


> Over the years the technology of the aftermarket cruise control has grown significantly, which is due to the advances of the vehicles they need to fit on to. 10 years ago the only aftermarket cruise control systems available were mechanical, and so required ... | More...

Blog Articles > >Effective, efficient power for your vehicle


> Designing power systems for vehicles is something best left to the professionals, but there is some basic information that is needed before the process is started in earnest; which appliances you wish to power (and how much power they consume both on start up and continuous use) and whether those ... | More...

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