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Why Rooftop Aircon

Product Guides > Why Rooftop Aircon


Why choose a roof mounted air conditioning unit ? Very simple: cold air always flows downwards. A roof-top (or cab-top) air conditioner takes advantage of this physical principle. The cold air currents can be distributed inside the vehicle while saving energy without loss of performance. In addition, mounting the unit on ... | More...

Product Guides > Air Conditioning


Most camper van owners know how quickly their vehicle heats up even at low sun intensity. In southern regions staying inside quickly becomes unbearable. Escaping or enduring the heat - not much of a relaxing alternative for the best days of the year. Thankfully, there is finally a way out: ... | More...

Cruise Control Command Module

Product Guides > Cruise Control Command Module


Popular GoldCruise Command Modules | More...

Product Guides > Cruise control Kits


Conrad Anderson can install cruise control onto 99% of road vehicles, using the actuator, command module and accessory options. To make it easier to decide which cruise control is fitted to which vehicle, we have some very simple rules to follow. Which Actuator do I need? Most modern ... | More...

Cruise Control on Fiat Ducato

Product Guides > Cruise Control on Fiat Ducato


Having been using cruise control in my car on a regular basis for around three years, I really missed it when driving the motorhome. After some research I chose the Conrad-Anderson GC30 & CM19 kit with vacuum servo and right-hand stalk command module. Stalk command module General Notes First ensure that any ... | More...

Product Guides > Which Inverter


Waeco Inverters - Mainspower from your battery It makes sense to have a 230-volt socket onboard your recreational vehicle, Holiday enjoyment also means being able to use the electrical gadgets you are use at home. They work on 230-volt alternating current, however, which makes them incompatible with 12-volt or 24-volt onboard ... | More...

Which Reversing Camera

Product Guides > Which Reversing Camera


Which Reversing Camera? The system you choose to buy will depend on a number of factors. Do you require a camera for rear view function as a mirror replacement (CAM44) or as reversing system (CAM50)? Screen size is another factor to consider when choosing a system. Obviously a larger ... | More...

Product Guides > Oyster Internet - How and why it works


Oyster Internet - How And Why It Works Satellite Internet works in a similar way to satellite TV in that it receives information from a geostationary satellite positioned on the geostationary belt around 40,000 km above the Equator. Satellite dishes for either TV or Internet need to be pointed to within ... | More...

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