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Product Guides > Charging Technology


Charging technology in a class of its ownPerfection in every detail Premium quality, long service life and an award-winning design ... nothing has been left to chance when it comes to the current generation of PerfectCharge battery chargers. They leave nothing to be desired – any on-board situation is easily ... | More...

Product Guides > Sine Wave Inverters


Sine wave inverters - 700 watts and aboveHigh-performance inverters with pure sine wave voltage Prize-winning prior to market launch, it hardly comes as a surprise that the SinePower inverter series has been able to convince the most demanding jurors. The units with continuous power ratings of 700 watts and more ... | More...

Product Guides > Voltage Converters


Voltage Converters The perfect link between the on-board battery and consumer.They combine what was not intended for combination. If the 12-volt navigation system is powered by the 24-volt board battery and the 24-volt fleet management computer easily copes with a 12-volt supply, there’s bound to be a PerfectPower voltage converter ... | More...

Product Guides > John Gold GC5


ATTENTION ALL DRIVERS WHO WANT TO AVOID UNINTENTIONAL SPEEDING! The new and updated GC-5 stalk command module, can be added to any John Gold cruise control actuator. HighlightsThe new GoldCruise GC-5 stalk is designed to fit into most new dashboard layouts to make it appear much more like ... | More...

Product Guides > John Gold GC5 - Technical data


John Gold Cruise control kits - By Conrad Anderson Utilising our range of actuators and command modules we can provide a cruise control solution for 99% of road vehicles. Most newer vehicles have a vehicle specific cruise control kit available, while older vehicles can be fitted using cable operated vacuum and ... | More...

Product Guides > Camera Systems


You can't usually see what's following you when driving a motorhome, nor with a smaller camper when it's fully loaded. So, Conrad Anderson have worked with Waeco to produce rearview camera systems with twin-lenses, especially for motor caravanners. With this system you'll not only be able to use the distance ... | More...

Why Rooftop Aircon

Product Guides > Why Rooftop Aircon


Why choose a roof mounted air conditioning unit ? Very simple: cold air always flows downwards. A roof-top (or cab-top) air conditioner takes advantage of this physical principle. The cold air currents can be distributed inside the vehicle while saving energy without loss of performance. In addition, mounting the unit on ... | More...

Product Guides > Air Conditioning


Most camper van owners know how quickly their vehicle heats up even at low sun intensity. In southern regions staying inside quickly becomes unbearable. Escaping or enduring the heat - not much of a relaxing alternative for the best days of the year. Thankfully, there is finally a way out: ... | More...

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