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Product Guides > Christmas Opening times 2017


Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all. Please note we are closed from close of play 21st December, returning on 3rd January 2018 9am.   If you have any urgent enquiries please send an email to | More...

Reasons Why You should own Motorhome Satellite TV

Product Guides > Reasons Why You should own Motorhome Satellite TV


3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Embark on Your Campervan Trip Without Motorhome Satellite TV Setting off on your next campervan or motorhome trip – whether it’s for business or pleasure – often means that you’ll find yourself cut off from the beaten track for prolonged periods of time. When travelling through ... | More...

Vital Updates for your Motorhome in Summer 2017

Product Guides > Vital Updates for your Motorhome in Summer 2017


Preparing your motorhome for the summer’s next big trip is something of great importance, which is often overlooked in busy families – leading to nightmares on the road when we hit those warmer months (finally). Other than a routine check-up that should be done by your local reputable garage, ensuring that ... | More...

Spanner Rating - Cruise Control Difficulty Rating

Product Guides > Spanner Rating - Cruise Control Difficulty Rating


Conrad Anderson is rolling out a difficulty rating for each of the 600+ cruise control solutions, the installation is broken down into Physical accessibility, Electrical accessibility and Setup. These are then graded with the Spanner rating of 1 to 5. The grades are described below. Difficulty Rating explained Physical - this gives ... | More...

Mobile Satellite Internet - Ku or Ka Band

Product Guides > Mobile Satellite Internet - Ku or Ka Band


Mobile Satellite Internet - Ku or Ka Band There are many superfast satellite connections promoted all over the internet, which is great if you want a fixed dish solution however, if you are looking for a mobile solution to work across a wide area, such as the UK, Germany or Western ... | More...

Motorhome Accessories Buyers Guide

Product Guides > Motorhome Accessories Buyers Guide


As part of Conrad Anderson’s continued dedication to supporting our customers, we have decided to produce a periodical Accessories Buyers Guide for FREE.  #ConradCares We are launching this as a Facebook only offer, it’s very easy to subscribe to receive each edition as they come out.  All you need to ... | More...

Oyster Internet Data Charges

Product Guides > Oyster Internet Data Charges


The Oyster internet is a fully automatic satellite system which will provide 10Mbps download speeds in any location in Western Europe (see footprint map below). The Oyster can operate on two ISP's, Beyondsl (now rebranded to 'Satellite Internet') and IPcopter. Beyondsl (Satellite Internet) | More...

Product Guides > Universal Cruise Control Kits


Universal Cruise Control kits Cruise control kits are made up of an actuator, command module, and if using a fully electronic system, a T harness will be required. For vehicles manufactured (in most cases) after 2003, there is usually a vehicle specific kit available, and although universal kits may be able ... | More...

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