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Teleco Software Updates

Latest News > Teleco Software Updates


 If you have a Teleco satellite system which has recently stopped locking onto Astra 2 it will probably require a software update, get in touch with Conrad Anderson to sort this out. | More...

Speed Limiter Kits

Latest News > Speed Limiter Kits


Speed Limiter Kits Speed is a topic on the mind of many modern motorists, politicians and local communities.  It is mostly associated with traffic collisions and accidents, but also has an influence on fuel consumption and the economy of a vehicle, the general wear and tear of a vehicle, and on ... | More...

New: Sinclair Motorhome Air conditioning

Latest News > New: Sinclair Motorhome Air conditioning


Conrad Anderson (Midlands) Ltd are excited to announce that they have been selected by “Sinclair” to launch their new range of rooftop Air Conditioning systems into the UK and Ireland. These highly advanced units are specifically designed for the mobile camper market. How many people of late have had holidays ruined ... | More...

Low cost, High Power Vehicle Air Conditioning

Latest News > Low cost, High Power Vehicle Air Conditioning


Low cost, High Power, Low consumption Motorhome rooftop Air Conditioning Conrad Anderson Ltd, the Birmingham based supplier of vehicle systems is launching a new exclusive range of vehicle roof mounted Air Conditioning units. This is a new product range from Sinclair, a highly respected European mainstream air-conditioning manufacturer at the forefront ... | More...

Latest News > Cruise Control - Delivery to Europe


Delivering Cruise Control systems to Europe Unfortunately our website is not ideal for taking orders for European addresses, so in light of the interest we have from European countries we have devised a process for making this easier. With your cruise control order please also add the product | More...

Black Friday deals available this weekend!

Latest News > Black Friday deals available this weekend!


Offers on:Fitted deals on Air conditioningDometic Freshjet 1700  Check it out hereDometic Freshjet 2200  Check it out hereDometic Freshlight 1600 Check it out hereDometic Freshlight 2200 Check it out hereWaeco Reversing Camera RVS718  | More...

Facebook Christmas offer

Latest News > Facebook Christmas offer


Like us on Facebook Then when you are ready to order just type the voucher code below into the notes on the order for your free surprise gift!   // | More...

NEW Multi-limiter launched for Speed, RPM & Cruise

Latest News > NEW Multi-limiter launched for Speed, RPM & Cruise


NEW Multi-limiter launched by Conrad Anderson for limiting speed, RPM and cruise control giving fuel savings of up to 30%.   Conrad Anderson in collaboration with Gold Cruise have great news for fleet managers and drivers alike.  Introducing the NEW ... | More...

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