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Decorated Oyster Satellte Dish

Blog Articles > Decorated Oyster Satellte Dish


Meet Rex Hilson's Autotrail Mohican. Not content with having a standard looking Oyster Satellite dish, Rex decided to make it more in keeping with the Motorhome's namesake. The ... | More...

Meet our Sales and Management team

Blog Articles > Meet our Sales and Management team


We would like to introduce you to the team here at Conrad Anderson.  This week its the office team, next week you can meet our workshop team of installers. Office Team   Steve Anderson  AKA Captain Compost | More...

Ramp it up!

Blog Articles > Ramp it up!


We've had a new mobility ramp installed to our office door.  Sam & Graham were tasked with designing, building and installing the ramp to make us more accessible.  It is something we have been intending to do for some time to make sure that visiting us is a much easier ... | More...

Mega Job Continued...

Blog Articles > Mega Job Continued...


Last week we introduced you to Lee & Kerry who have a Niesmann Bischoff Flair.  We have done a huge amount of work on their motorhome this winter.  In the last post we went through the solar panel wiring & Sterling Inverter-Charger Combi.  This week we ... | More...

Solar Panels, Internet & Air Suspension mega job

Blog Articles > Solar Panels, Internet & Air Suspension mega job


In November/December 2012 we had the pleasure of working on a mega job for Lee & Kerry from Dorset.  Their rig is a Niesmann Bishoff Flair 2004 on an Iveco Daily 60C base. Niesmann Bishoff Flair The Requirement | More...

4x4 Iveco Daily

Blog Articles > 4x4 Iveco Daily


Check out this amazing 4x4 Iveco Motorhome! Spotted in the summer in Fife, Scotland. Looks mean!  Well designed to cope with sloping CL's, unlike our Ford Galaxy & Coachman Pastiche outfit...That's another story. Need a cool addition to your van ... | More...

Can your car have cruise control?

Blog Articles > Can your car have cruise control?


Can your car have cruise control? The short answer is "yes, probably".  We always say that we can fit 99.99% of vehicles with cruise control, but how do we know whether we can or not?  For the long answer, keep reading! | More...

Blog Articles > >Conrad Anderson Newsletter: Request for confirmat


>Almost welcome to the Conrad Anderson newsletter... Someone, hopefully you, has subscribed your email address to thefollowing newsletters: * Newsletter If this is correct, please click the following link to confirm yoursubscription. Without this confirmation, you will not receive any newsletters. If this is not correct, you do not need ... | More...

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