Oyster Caro Vision Automatic Satellite TV System

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Oyster Caro Vision Automatic Satellite TV System

The Oyster Caro with its low profile design is ideal for those people with limited height available on their vehicle, whether it be the height of the garage door or entrance to the storage facility, at only 13cm high when in its retracted position it is the ideal solution. Using its diamond shape antenna which is equivalent to a 50cm dish.


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Fully Automatic
  • Satellite aiming  with 30-60 seconds 
  • Multiple audio and video inputs and outputs
  • Automatic retraction at vehicle start 
  • Weight 14kg
  • 13cm high when stowed

Fitting Information:

Installed in 3-5 hours.

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days
I would like Conrad Anderson to fit this item (+ £240.00)

The Oyster Caro Vision can be fitted in less than a day to the roof of any leisure vehicle or river boat, with the product guaranteed for 3 years it is the ideal addition for worry-free and comfortable traveling.

Satellite Reception gets even easier still!

  • Weather resistant construction.
  • User-friendly controller.
  • Compatible with all European receivers.
  • Automatic dish retraction when engine started.

As long as there is signal the oyster will find it within minutes. No need to don your compass and sat finder, just make yourself a cup of tea! Using LEM (Last Elevation Memory) it will remember the elevation from the last time it was used and go back to it next time it is switched on, making the satellite search process quicker.

At only 14Kg it is designed to fit onto any caravan or motorhome and in the stowed position it will only add 140mm to your vehicle height. A masterpiece of technology, the Oyster’s satellite dish can be permanently fitted on the roof of any leisure vehicle. Oyster’s microprocessors ensure that the picture and stereo sound remain fully tuned and crystal clear. When the system is switched off, the Oyster dish closes and stows itself out of harms way.

A DVB-S compatible digital satellite receiver (ie DigiBox, available separately) is connected to the control unit which is used to select the choice of programme. This is a very simple and elegant system in operation, we are offering the easiest way possible to stay in touch with what is happening around the globe. This receiver-independent system gives you everything from the UK whilst you are away at the touch of a button.

With its unique user friendly control unit all you do is:

1. Turn on your Television.
2. Turn on your Receiver (available separately).
3. Turn on your Oyster.


Based on the recent signal strength improvements, the footprint illustration above shows an estimation of where you will receive TV signal.