Forklift Truck Camera - Wireless Camera System

Forklift Truck Camera - Wireless Camera System
The increasing demand for high & narrow aisle pallet racking and storage solutions has made the accurate and safe placement of pallets more important than ever. Damage caused by inaccurate fork placement causes increased costs and reduced margins, not to mention the possibility of accididents and injury. Our digital wireless camera system provides an unimpaired view down the forks regardless of rack height.

Main features:

Saves Cost

  • Reduces damage to pallet loads and racking
  • Improves productivity with more effeicient & accurate pallet positioning

Reduced downtime

  • High Quality components ensure optimal operation at all times
  • Durable system - high mechanical shock and vibration limits
  • Wireless - eliminates cable damage issues

Promotes Safe Fork Truck operation

  • Reduces risks of injury and asset damage.

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Fitting Information:

Available supply only or installed by Conrad Anderson.

Price on application - please contact us for pricing options.

  • Bespoke fork lift camera system that is placed to provide a view along the forks
  • Essential addition to ensure safe working and reduce damaged items
  • Can be fitted onto any Forklift Truck
  • No cables to manage or wear
  • High resolution cameras and large 7inch screen to give an easy view image
  • Latest digital wireless transmitter/receivers ensures an interference free image
  • High sensitivity & infa-red low light capability for dark warehouses
  • 10 hour battery life for uninterupted shifts
  • Operational to -20C ,Ideal for use in cold conditions/storage

The equipment consists of a battery box with built-in wireless transmitter and a camera mounted on the forks and a monitor and wireless receiver mounted in the truck cab.

Using the latest in digital wireless technology there is no delay in picture transmission or compromise in picture quality. The system is designed to last for a complete 8 hour shift and can be manufactured to last longer if necessary. The use of wireless technology means that there are no cable management issues or the risk of cable becoming brittle when in use in cold stores.

A typical counterbalanced forklift could have the camera mounted on the truck frame, enabling the driver to see the exact location of the forks in relation to the pallet, thereby improving productivity and reducing damage.

Due to the range on the wireless module this system could also be used on cranes for heavier loads such as shipping containers, or on building sites.