Kombi Plus LPG & Sleeping Gas Alarm with Inputs for Extra Sensors


The Kombi:Alarm is a Combined fully automatic LPG and Sleeping gas alarm warning system with specially designed built-in sensor and audio signaling units.

The Kombi:Alarm-Plus is designed for larger vehicles where additional remote sensors can be fitted and a switching relay allows for connection to a separate alarm or warning device (flashlight etc).

Remote sensors are available in two versions, KO/LPG for the detection of LPG and Narcotic (KO-gas) and a CO sensor to detect carbon monoxide.

The Kombi:Alarms will detect the smallest concentration of sleeping gas before it renders the occupants unconscious. Alarm thresholds are fully automated and set well below the level that the gases become volatile.


Fitting Information:

  • Low power consumption.
  • Oprates from a standard 12 Volt DC supply
  • Can be plugged into cigarette socket.
  • Fully automatic sensor thresholds.
  • Features On/Off switch
  • Yellow LED for warm-up phase.
  • Green LED for operation - Active.
  • Red LED’s for alarm indication.
  • Electronic siren with 85 dB (A) / 3 m.
  • Relay output 1A / 30V DC floating double-throw type (KombiAlarm Only).


This item must be professionally fitted by Conrad Anderson.
(You will pay a 20% deposit of £26.00, with the rest payable upon fitting.)
Delivery: 2-3 Working Days
  •  For use in: Caravans, Motorhomes, Apartments, Boats & Lorry Cabs.
  • We also supply CO Sensors which detects Carbon Monoxide and Smoke. This model can have up to 3 sensors fitted. 

  • Additional sensor types for Kombi:Alarm KO/LPG Sensor detects Ether based KO Knockout Sleeping Gas, Propane Butane and Methane.

  • Three metre connection cable included.