VB Air Suspension - VB FullAir

VB-FullAir is a fully-automatic air suspension solution offering the following benefits:

A constant ride-height: VB FullAir ensures that the vehicle stays at a constant (lower) ride height regardless of the vehicle load - the rear of the vehicle will not drop due to the load and this in turn has a positive influence on the fuel consumption.

Adjustable floor height: The air-suspension system is equipped with a raise and lower switch which offers the opportunity to change the height of the rear of the vehicle to ease coupling/decoupling of a trailer or to ease loading/unloading of the vehicle. This is a vastly cheaper alternative to using tail lifts or forklift trucks for heavy loads, without the need for extra insurance or specialised training.

Improved road handling: Modification of the shock absorbers improves the vehicle's road handling, straight driving and this will also reduce tyre wear.

Improved stability: Due to the unique VB-Air Suspension construction, every air-suspension system has its own integrated stabiliser. This improves the vehicle's stability and offers the driver the a safer feeling.

Better comfort: The air-suspension system filters the unevenness of the road so the passengers are subjected to less vibration. This increases comfort and reduces fatigue.

What is installed?: The system consists of vehicle specific kits to fit most small vans (upto 3.5 ton) and motorhome models, the existing leaf- or coil-spring is disassembled and replaced with air-bellows, shock absorbers, compressor and an electrical control unit.

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