Reversing Cameras

When drivers are reversing their vehicle, it’s vital that they are able to see directly behind the vehicle in order to avoid accidents. By using a reversing camera to gain a comprehensive view of the area surrounding the vehicle, you can eliminate blind spots and reduce collisions with people or objects. That’s why here at Conrad Anderson, we are specialist suppliers and installers of camera solutions to help keep drivers and pedestrians safe when reversing.

We offer a range of systems from standard reversing cameras, blind spot and 360° systems by renowned manufacturers such as Waeco. These compact cameras are available with 5 inch or 7 inch monitors which are small enough to sit on most dashboards without obstructing the view. They are also equally easy to remove overnight with their quick release mounting, or come with night vision should you be travelling at night.

Should you own a larger vehicle, we provide an option of Waeco single or twin camera lens systems. In the twin lens systems, one camera can provide a diagonal picture from close range and another from long range. The two pictures can easily be switched between manually or automatically. This extra coverage makes our twin lens cameras the ideal reversing cameras for motorhomes and caravans.

For those who already own a reversing camera kit or wish to obtain spare supplies, why not take a look at our variety of camera switch boxes, adaptors and parking sensors?