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Product Guides > Satellite TV Broadcasters


UK Broadcasters - BSkyBBritish Sky Broadcasting is a leading provider of sports, movies, entertainment and news - whose channels are received by over 11million households in the UK and Eire. The launch of the UK's first digital television service, Sky digital, on 1 October 1998, signaled the start of ... | More...

Product Guides > Satellite TV


Performance Features of Oyster Systems Fully Automatic Satellite Search and lock. Multi Satellite Reception. High quality cast materials for strength and rigidity. Neat and discrete control panel. Automatic dish retraction when ... | More...

Product Guides > Satellite TV - How it Works


While you are arranging your trips away, there is one more thing to plan for; your favourite television programmes. Are you going to be able to watch that crucial game when you’re not sure where exactly you are going to be? Do you want to make sure you watch all ... | More...

Product Guides > Tracvision system Footprints


TracVision LM test performanceLocations of TracVision R4 & R4sl testing in France & Spain. The channels are across the frequency range to give the most realistic overview of the performance under the test conditions. Key:Green: is 100% of every test channelBlue: Strong performance of all bar EB_F1Purple: ... | More...

Product Guides > Basic Power System


Products for a basic power system1. 110AH Leisure Battery2. Solar Panel3. PP1002 Inverter4. Sockets5. Electric Hook-up6. Avtex 153D Television7. IU152A AC-DC Charger8. DC1212-08 Charging ConverterBlue lines: 240 VRed lines: 12 V Many motorhome and caravan users have basic power ... | More...

Product Guides > Battery Charging


Battery Chargers - Always a full battery Starter batteries and supply batteries are designed for different tasks. Starter batteries, in order to start the engine, must initially supply a high current level and will then serve as an energy buffer with partial cycles. Supply or consumer batteries, by contrast, are charged ... | More...

Product Guides > Battery Conditioner


Waeco Perfect Battery MBCC-100 and MBCC-200 are inexpensive battery conditioners that maintain lead batteries from 10 to 150 Ah by gently simulating driving. As a result, the full capacity can be maintained even after months of standstill. Battery conditioners are ideal for summer vehicles such as soft-tops, motorcycles and mobility ... | More...

Product Guides > Battery Refresher


All car drivers dream of owning an "eternal battery", one that will never let them down. Their dream is reality now, thanks to the battery refresher. The super-compact appliance reduces sulphate build-up, which is so often the cause for premature failure of lead cell batteries. Even apparently useless batteries can ... | More...

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