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Product Guides > Inverters for mobile use


230 volts on the road. Due to their well proven reliability, Waeco PerfectPower inverters have become a firm part of many onboard systems. The range includes five versions in different capacities to suit the majority of commonly used 230-volt consumers. For mobile use of especially powerful electric appliances, such as microwave ovens, ... | More...

Product Guides > IUOU Chargers


PerfectCharge Starter batteries and supply batteries are designed for different tasks. To start the engine, starter batteries must initially supply a high current level and will then serve as an energy buffer with smaller partial cycles. Supply or on-board batteries, in contrast, are discharged at lower current levels over longer ... | More...

Product Guides > IU Charging Converters


Full battery charge-up on the move Many vehicle owners expect the leisure batteries to be fully charged while driving. When the battery is beginning to fail, however, they have to realise that quite often it does not work that way. The reason is insufficient cabling as frequently encountered in caravans. Electronics specialist ... | More...

Product Guides > IUOU Automatic Battery Chargers


IUOU Automatic Battery Chargers - Fast and Gentle Charging Intelligent technology, powerful performance, absolute reliability, compact dimensions, easy installation – these are the typical hallmarks of our professional line of IU0U chargers. Outstanding energy efficiency with switch-mode technology. High mechanical stability with frames in ... | More...

Product Guides > Mobile Electronics


All the best for your batteries - Mobile Electronics makes all the difference! Mobile comfort stands or falls with the condition of the batteries on board. Every battery has a limited life expectancey, which significantly depends upon the charging and discharging processes. This is where motorhome owners and skippers play a significant ... | More...

Product Guides > Moderate Power System


Products for a moderate power system1. 110Ah Battery2. Solar Panel3. PP1002 Inverter4. Sockets5. Electric Hook-up6. Avtex 164DRS Television7. IU252A AC-DC Charger8. EG-20 Bridge9. Fuel Cell10. Microwave11. EG-20 12 V Generator12. Start BatteryBlue lines: 240 VRed lines: ... | More...

Product Guides > Modified or Pure Sign Wave Inverters


Integrated mains priority circuit with voltage synchronisation SinePowerCaravanning Design Award 2008/2009 - Innovations for new mobility SinePower / PerfectPower / PocketPower The right inverter for you depends on the type and power rating of the appliance to be connected. The low-priced inverters from the WAECO PerfectPower product range provide modified output ... | More...

Product Guides > Charging Technology


Charging technology in a class of its ownPerfection in every detail Premium quality, long service life and an award-winning design ... nothing has been left to chance when it comes to the current generation of PerfectCharge battery chargers. They leave nothing to be desired – any on-board situation is easily ... | More...

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