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Product Guides > Choose Your Climate


Under-bench and roof air conditioners from a single source. Dometic and WAECO have pooled their air conditioning expertise. As a result, we can nowoffer a seamless range that includes air conditioners for roof mounting as well as forinstallation inside the vehicle. These systems provide you with a perfect climate ... | More...

Product Guides > Energy Management


The charging current distributor manages the air conditioner’s power supply and prevents excessive discharging of the leisure batteries All four DC kits include a charging current distributor with low-voltage protection.Supplied as a standard accessory, the charging current distributor enables optimal energy efficiency while driving.With its assistance, the air conditioner can be ... | More...

Product Guides > AP550 with GC5


Aftermarket cruise control (GC55 and GC5) fitted to D3, base-7 autoWritten by Tony Hartley. (Posting from the disco3 web forum Following my request, under a different posting for information on sourcing a suitable aftermarket cruise control for a base 7, D3, I can report that I now have one installed ... | More...

Product Guides > Awnings


This innovative design of roll-out awning from Dometic has no poles or legs to suport the outer edge. The coated fabric has decoration on both surfaces and is claimed to be protected against degradation by UV radiation. It can be unrolled to the desired extent, and its angle of tilt ... | More...

Product Guides > Reversing


Waeco's latest set of reversing cameras and monitors - called Perfect View - comprises several designs of camera and two sizes of monitor, which can be paired up to the user's choice. We include below some approximate guide prices, but bear in mind that the items are priced here without ... | More...

Product Guides > TV on the move


While you are arranging your trips away, there is one more thing to plan for; your favourite television programmes. Are you going to be able to watch that crucial game when you're not sure where exactly you are going to be? Do you want to make sure you watch all ... | More...

Product Guides > Satellite TV Broadcasters


UK Broadcasters - BSkyBBritish Sky Broadcasting is a leading provider of sports, movies, entertainment and news - whose channels are received by over 11million households in the UK and Eire. The launch of the UK's first digital television service, Sky digital, on 1 October 1998, signaled the start of ... | More...

Product Guides > Satellite TV


Performance Features of Oyster Systems Fully Automatic Satellite Search and lock. Multi Satellite Reception. High quality cast materials for strength and rigidity. Neat and discrete control panel. Automatic dish retraction when ... | More...

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