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Product Guides > Motability Camera System


Conrad Anderson have developed various speciality camers systems, The mobility camera system is designed specifically for disabled customers who have trouble twisting at the neck to look left and right. Our system consists of four bullet cameras mounted on the front wings looking left & right and on the wing mirrors ... | More...

Product Guides > RV Solutions


Reversing video systems for recreational vehicles Seeing from the front what's happening behind. Drivers of motorhomes and caravans enjoy the privilege of endless mobility and flexibility. When it comes to reversing, they are faced with all the typical risks. Whether in tight parking spaces or on difficult terrain, reversing always involves the ... | More...

Product Guides > MWE900 Parking Sensors


Reversing without risk with the MWE-900 Parking aids for recreational vehiclesIs there enough space or not? Reversing a motorhome or caravan can be tricky – and costly, too, if it goes wrong. A MagicWatch parking aid helps you to avoid unnecessary stress and expense. It warns you if your vehicle ... | More...

Product Guides > MWE910 Parking Sensors


Magic Watch - MWE-910Eight sensors for perfect vision … Parking aid for front and rear If you are looking for maximum manoeuvring safety you will find it with the MagicWatch MWE 910 parking aid. A product that is unique in the market, designed for the front and rear in every ... | More...

Product Guides > Reversing Sensors - DSM Function


The DSM FunctionIDEAL FOR MOTORHOMERS! DSM stands for Digital Signal Memory, a technical extra that is incorporated in the MAGIC WATCH system: MWE-650. This system is able to "memorise" objects permanently fitted to the vehicle, such as spare tyres or tow bar couplings. When checking the area behind the vehicle, ... | More...

Product Guides > Reversing Sensors - Installation


MAGIC WATCH AdjustsThese systems are designed for flexible power supply from 10 to 32 volts. There's a perfect solution for anything on four wheels, even for motorhomes, trucks and agricultural machinery. The heavy-duty systems come with a whole variety of technical extras: extended range sensors, splash-water-proof base stations, extra-long ... | More...

Product Guides > Reversing Sensors


Main Features of Reversing Sensor Kits Reversing sensors are designed to aid you in performing those reversing manoeuvres that sometimes can end up being very embarrassing and expensive. Even for the most experienced of drivers, reversing in the wet, the dark or in a steamed up vehicle can be a nightmare. ... | More...

Product Guides > Living and Travelling


Perfect climate control on the move and at restDC kits for air conditioning while driving Dometic air conditioners give you perfect climate control wherever you are: at your holiday destination and on the way there. For all air conditioners we offer matching DC kits for mobile operation from the 12-volt ... | More...

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